Fills in Everything ..Even Your Heart

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Food for the Soul (and the Stomach).”

After dogs,I think food should be considered as a man’s best friend.A lonely person would know that food is everything that people are not. I feel that if you have a favorite meal then there are automatically great memories attached to it because even in the worst of makes you feel better.Food awaits.It could be the time you came back home from school feeling peckish,it could be the time you came back after a game of baseball,it could be the time when you are feeling low ;but the best thing is there is no time.Food never leaves like people,it doesn’t change like people,it retains innocence.It remains everything that you want it to be.Its an amazing partner.

I have seen people take food for granted.They don’t realise that there are millions around the world starving,dying due to the dearth of food and water,just the basic amenities of life.Its not right . Food doesn’t just fill an empty stomach,it serves gluttonous minds too but mostly it caresses the tender heart suffusing it with uncomplicated happiness .Food deserves respect.It has the capacity to fill an empty act as a source of solace to a broken heart,to trigger memories.Food is not  a non-breathing entity.Its life.Its a life giver and  hence a lifesaver.It may not be adept to articulate its feelings likes humans do but it certainly has the ability to stand by you unwaveringly in the midst of overwhelming storms in life unlike most people who tend to leave.Food is food.I have no favorites.For me,everything is dependent on what I feel at a particular moment.

Food is selfless.


Things not meant to be….

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “But No Cigar.”

I am at a very bad place in my life right now.My heart is heavy , my stomach is churned and the only part of my body that can seek solace are my fingers typing away in search of a way  leading to a thought which may finally make me feel that yes ..yes things do work out.But do they?

I have been a loner all my life. I have never felt that I belong and I feel luck feels the same way about me.It evades me. I have heard people say that positive thinking helps but I am not sure. I was a victim of ragging. Torture,fear,trapped,unheard and unseen.All the things I felt. Six months of hell , it seemed like an eternity.Tears came as salt water and dried up as my mind was under the invasion of a drought. I don’t know if it was as bad as it seemed at the time but it really felt so.

 I had chosen to be far away from home,to get my whiff of freedom.Adulthood is tough or should I say that the transition is tough.It doesn’t come with a word of caution saying ,WATCH OUT..YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER THE REALM OF THE HORRIFIC AND  THE HAYWIRE!!! Well I somehow escaped my hell and joined my new alma mater  a year later. I can’t say it was all hunky dory but I can  definitely say it was better.I finally graduated with flying colors.

So here’s what I learned..things happen.There is no escape.There may be moments of tranquility but those moments are fleeting.One needs to find within oneself that one thing which keeps you going. The world around you may be crumbling but you have  to just keep holding on..holding onto something that really matters.Its not going to be easy.There will be things that will try and tumble you and you will probably fall.But you know what,it doesn’t matter.Nobody can bog you down unless you want to be bogged down even terrible choices.You can either live through it or turn it around.Living through it can make you stronger and turning it around can make you happy.In the end being stronger or happier ,both help. Nothing is permanent.The pain subsides.Everything is in your hands. Afterall its all a matter of choice.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Whoa!.”

The word ‘whoa’ is my woe right now. As I am trying to think of an experience worth mentioning, there are a number of things which are running through my mind.Do I write about the time I walked all the way back home from school holding a monkey’s hand,the time I was stuck in a train for five days straight or the time when I thought God had come to meet me in a dream.

But finally I decided to go with none of it.I was reminded of an incident which happened pretty recently. I was on my way back from the ATM with my friends . As we were about to reach the gate of our hostel ,I heard a voice hollering at us from behind. We turned around only to find a fruit vendor .He said,”Here take some grapes with you.You don’t have to pay.Please come.” We were all dumbstruck.Not knowing what to do, we walked towards him anyway.As we made our way towards him I kept thinking,”Wait ..what?whoa! He doesn’t want us to pay?There’s no catch?That’s not right.”

At this point I can say that neither I nor did my friends have a clue as to how this gentleman’s SELFLESS deed was to be requited with words or otherwise.We thanked him and his wife profusely and in return all he said was,” Just keep me in your prayers.” I am drawing a blank as to what we said or did next.

For me,this was a truly surreal experience.Being a pessimist by nature ,such an act of random kindness left me speechless.I mean where in the world do you find people who want nothing but your prayers? I mean I know there are people out there who have devoted their lives to humanity but this was the first time where I saw someone a person who could frankly do better with some ‘receiving’ was ‘giving’ away a part of his livelihood.Rarely have I come across people who want nothing in return like my parents.

I felt overwhelmed and blessed.At that moment I truly felt like a child of God.The fruit vendor will probably never know the kind of impact he had on us.But right now,right here I want to thank him from the bottom of my heart for making me realize  that goodness costs nothing and that all you need is a big heart and not a big bank balance 🙂