Fills in Everything ..Even Your Heart

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Food for the Soul (and the Stomach).”

After dogs,I think food should be considered as a man’s best friend.A lonely person would know that food is everything that people are not. I feel that if you have a favorite meal then there are automatically great memories attached to it because even in the worst of makes you feel better.Food awaits.It could be the time you came back home from school feeling peckish,it could be the time you came back after a game of baseball,it could be the time when you are feeling low ;but the best thing is there is no time.Food never leaves like people,it doesn’t change like people,it retains innocence.It remains everything that you want it to be.Its an amazing partner.

I have seen people take food for granted.They don’t realise that there are millions around the world starving,dying due to the dearth of food and water,just the basic amenities of life.Its not right . Food doesn’t just fill an empty stomach,it serves gluttonous minds too but mostly it caresses the tender heart suffusing it with uncomplicated happiness .Food deserves respect.It has the capacity to fill an empty act as a source of solace to a broken heart,to trigger memories.Food is not  a non-breathing entity.Its life.Its a life giver and  hence a lifesaver.It may not be adept to articulate its feelings likes humans do but it certainly has the ability to stand by you unwaveringly in the midst of overwhelming storms in life unlike most people who tend to leave.Food is food.I have no favorites.For me,everything is dependent on what I feel at a particular moment.

Food is selfless.


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