Just Right Or Never Right?

The term ‘right’ is an adversity. Its objective and its an everlasting dream.Getting things ‘ just right’ for you and the people around you isn’t a cakewalk.But there are things that are never right or will never be right .When it comes to people, there are some who will never find you or your doings right.Its a hassle to get things right..there is almost always a sense of gratification attached to it. Always looking to please or get pleased.Well I just feel that until this point I haven’t been able to write anything right.But what the hell …I don’t want to succumb to any pressures and fall prey to pleasing .

What is right and what is wrong? Its all perspective.Who is to say that a number of wrongs will or will not lead one into a glorious path of right and righteousness .Well I am a master of faults. No matter how hard you try,some decisions are simply bad.You pick up the pieces,learn from your mistakes and move on.Its all a matter of choice.I am a train wreck when it  comes to  making decisions. But again…nothing ever comes easy does it? The thing that bothers me is why is there a pathological need in everyone to get things right? So what if things don’t turn out the way you want them to..the earth will still rotate on its axis and people will still keep breathing on and at the end of the day it turns out to be a lesson in acceptance , tolerance and forbearance.

Boy,wouldn’t it be boring if everything went our way…downright boring!!! Sometimes life may surprise you with things wanted and unwanted.Its how you you deal with it. Trust me people ,brooding over things bygone can only lead to migraines and hair loss.

For now,I am okay with things being just right or never right because no matter how perfectly you do and plan things,they don’t always work out.I can’t say that things always fall into place but I can guarantee you one thing..in the end we all find peace in our decisions or at least learn to find our peace. I guess it will just make us better humans.Just keep going ,never give up,change your definitions of life according to situations that are hurled at you,be strong ,try and mend your life and not bend to the noose of fate and always..I mean always EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and nothing will ever go wrong again.


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